There was no better way to end this season! After a crazy mission, I arrived in Spain for my last competition of the winter. The World Cup Finals in Sierra Nevada were right after the Euro X. Less than 12 hours after leaving Tignes and without even the time to realize, I was already skiing another halfpipe in another country. Last minute, my mother joined me on that trip, she was a great help and we brought the globe back home! The fog played the hide and seek with us for the qualifiers and the finals. We competed in an one run format and I finished with a lucky 2nd place. That was really close, but just enough to win the overall halfpipe World Cup tour, the second time in my career. What a successful winter, I could not be happier! All my efforts, rehabilitation and hard training have been well rewarded. Also without the support of my team, I probably wouldn't have done it, so a huge thanks to our coach JP, our serviceman Josh and all my teammates for being there in the good and the bad moments during this long season! Last but not least, I will never be able to thank enough my family, my man and my close friends for believing in me and supporting me through all those years!!! You have always been there to help me keep my head up and this second globe is also yours!



Thank you Mum

Celebration time with the Swiss team & friends