"Wanna be a Queen" is the name of the Suzuki Nine Queens online video qualification contest that offers the chance for every talented girl out there to enter the Suzuki Nine Queens 2012 event. Two invitations will be given to the best video sent in and selected by different judges. Who can enter? All pro and amateur skier girls from all over the world who think they have the talent to join the Suzuki Nine Queens! The deadline for submitting the video is February 28th 2012, so hurry up, you have only two weeks left... For more informations, check our website : www.ninequeens.com





Sarah Burke

Kelly Sildaru & Maude Raymond

Kelly Sildaru & Emma Dahlström

Ashley Battersby

The photographers : Stef Cande, Christoph Schöch, Ruedi Flück, Klaus Polzer & Felix Rioux

The Nine Knights and Nine Queens organizer, Nico Zacek

Local Eva Patscheider & Caja Schoepf

Sarah Burke & Kim Lamarre

Last year "Wanna be a Queen" winner Emilia Wint & Ashley Battersby

Kaya Turski & Schinka

Maria Bagge, Maude Raymond & Anna Segal

Caja Schoepf

Keri Hermann