I went to the O'Neill European headquarters in the Netherlands for the annual sales meeting, where they presented the new collection for the winter 2012/2013! I was there with the snowboarder superstar Seb Toots. We checked out some meetings, talked with the designers and got to spend some time in Amsterdam. The great news is that I am going to have a "signature series" for next year, so check back soon to see how my new one piece overall is gonna look... I am really excited about it!!!

Amsterdam in the fog

O'Neill European headquarters


Our performance wear's designers : Haitske, Sophie & David

Bram my O'Neill team manager

Seb Toots with one of his mini fan


Seb Toots, Max Henault & Bram checking one of the many meetings

My favorite conference room

On our way to get our Christmas presents, thanks O'Neill!!!